Where’s My Refund: Check your tax returns is accepted or not

Gov has allowed taxpayers to check their refund status after 24 hours of e-filling their form. The irs.gov portal updates the information once a day. Taxpayers can use, the Where’s my refund tool For 2022 Income Tax Refund Status. Usually, the taxpayer has to provide up to 4 weeks after filling on paper before checking the status.

Where’s My Refund

This is a new tool by the IRS for the benefit of taxpayers so that they can check their refund status easily. Taxpayers must enter their login credentials, such as their social security number, to check the status. Where’s my refund tool is available on IRS mobile app; from there ta payers can check their refund status for 2022,2021,2020,2019.

This tool will show information about the selected year only. If you need any extra information or information related to any year that is not available in the option, you have to move to your online account. You can check it from your online account if that particular year or information is unavailable in your Where’s my refund tool.

Tool Name Where’s my refund
Offered by IRS
Website Irs.gov
Mobile App IRS2GO

What Can I check on, Where’s My Refund Tool?

This tool is a great initiative by the IRS gov or taxpayers to allow them to check their status from anywhere and anytime. It will also provide a personalized date based on analysis. Although there is a condition for providing a personalized date that IRS has processed your refund. After processing your refund from IRS, this tool will give a personalized date for taxpayers.

The taxpayers can see the progress in the three stages or forms:

  • The first stage is Return Received stage. In this stage, IRS will update your Return received details.
  • The second stage is for Refund Processed. At this stage, you can check whether your refund has been processed. You can check if it is under process.
  • The third stage is the final stage, showing a refund has been sent.

This way, you can get the important information and phases of your income tax refund status.

How to track the status by Where’s My Refund?

This new feature is not only useful but also simple to use. You have to remember your essential details and information to use this feature of the IRS gov website. You could use your spouse’s Social Security number if you submitted a joint return. Furthermore, you need to provide these details for filing: single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household, and qualifying widow.

Ensure you’re looking at the right line on your tax return to identify the refund amount before entering it. Use the sum on Line 35a if you filed Form 1040, Form 1040-SR, or Form 1040-NR. You need to have your key details for using this feature, which are –

  • Social security number.
  • Filling the Status with their application.
  • The exact whole amount of the refund is in the dollar.

After 24 hours of the IRS receiving their electronically filed return, or 4 weeks after mailing a paper return, individuals can begin checking the status of their return. How do I find my refund? Consists of a tracker that shows development through three steps: the IRS receives the tax return, authorizes the refund, and then sends the refund.

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Where’s My Refund Feature, Benefits

The free IRS2Go application allows taxpayers on the road to monitor the progress of their returns and payments on their mobile devices. The irs.gov Where’s My Refund feature is a good resource for people who file amended returns.

Most refunds from the IRS are processed in fewer than 21 days; however, certain returns may take much longer. Only if it has been 21 days or more since a taxpayer filed electronically or more than six weeks since they sent a paper return may IRS phone, and walk-in representatives inquire about the status of refunds. If Where’s My Refund, taxpayers can also contact the IRS.

The Where’s My Refund feature will provide data on your tax refund if you filed your return before July 1 until the second or third week of December. The IRS can help you with your refund details through the next year. In case, you submit a tax return for a more recent tax year, if you file your return after July 1, or if the U.S. Postal Service returns your refund check to the IRS as undeliverable.

When Should I Check? Where’s my Refund?

It won’t affect your search results if you check results frequently because the tool only updates once daily, generally at night. The IRS advises against calling them to inquire about your refund until your return has been electronically submitted for at least 21 days. A paper return has been mailed for at least six weeks, or the Where’s My Refund feature indicates that the IRS can offer further details.

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