Ranji Trophy Winner 2023 Format, Point Systems & History

Ranji Trophy is a cricket tournament featuring several different teams from state and provincial cricket clubs. Ranji is a first-class cricket championship in India. The first Indian cricketer to play in an international match, Ranjitsinhji (commonly known as “Ranji”), is honored with the competition’s namesake. How about some background on the Ranji Trophy 2023 and knowing about Ranji Trophy Winner 2023?

Ranji Trophy Winner 2023

The Ranji Trophy is one of India’s most prestigious and notable first-class cricket championships, and it dates back to the early days of the sport. The Ranji tournament features the participation of cricket teams from a number of different state and regional cricket bodies.

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KTET Result 2023

Series Name Ranji Trophy 2023
Schedule 13th Dec 2022 to 20th Feb 2023
Organization BCCI
Winner To be announced

It is one of the most competitive domestic competitions anywhere in the globe, and the greatest cricket players in the country compete in it so they can improve their talents and show off what they’ve learned.

Ranji Trophy 2023

As a result of a one-sided tie match, the Ranji team from Mumbai has advanced to the championship for the 47th time. The first semi-final match pitted Mumbai against Uttar Pradesh, and it seemed as though the Mumbai team had a significant advantage going into the match.

In spite of the fact that the match ended in a tie, Mumbai was able to clinch a spot in the Ranji Trophy final because of their big first-innings lead. After defeating Bengal by 174 runs in the second semi-final of the Ranji Trophy, Madhya Pradesh advanced to face Mumbai in the championship match of the tournament.

Because of Mumbai’s recent play, the strategist now considers him to be the favorite. Players like Yashasvi Jaiswal, Prithvi Shaw, and Sarfaraz Khan were on the other side of the field for the MP Ranji team that was led by Aditya Srivastava. Maintain your connection to the blog page in order to learn who will take home the Ranji Trophy in 2023.

Ranji Trophy 2022-23 Format

This year, India is playing home to the 88th edition of the Ranji Trophy, which took place in 2023. It began on the 13th of December 2022 and will come to an end on the 20th of February 2023. In the current iteration of the Ranji Trophy competition, there are two categories to choose from: Elite and Plate.

Initially, all 38 teams were scheduled to compete for the identical trophy. However, according to the rules that are currently in place, there will be two people awarded the Ranji Trophy. One will come from the Elite groups, and the other will come from the Plate groups.

There are five groups, and a total of 38 teams make up those groupings. Plate Groups are comprised of six teams, whereas Elite Groups have eight teams across four groups. Plate Groups are lower than Elite Groups.

Ranji Trophy Winner

How Ranji Trophy Got Its Name?

In honor of Ranjitsinhji, the Maharaja Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, more often known as Ranji, this competition bears his name as a tribute to the distinguished cricketing career he had. It is generally agreed that he is one of the most talented cricket players that India has ever produced. The first ever Ranji Trophy competition took place in 1934–1935 and featured a total of 15 teams. Mumbai was the first team to win the Ranji Trophy, and they did so by claiming victory over North India in the tournament’s championship match.

Ranji Trophy Winners In the Past

The Mumbai Cricket Team was the first team to win the championship, and they have won the most times overall, which is 41 times. The team that has won the second-most times overall is Karnataka/Mysore, which has won the trophy 8 times. Both Delhi and Baroda have won the title of champion multiple times, while Delhi has done so seven times. The series has been won four times by Holkar.

Three of the tournament’s titles were taken home by teams from Saurashtra, Nawanagar, and Western India. Multiple victories were taken home by Bengal, Vidarbha, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Railways. The finals have been won by Uttar Pradesh/United Provinces Railways, Punjab/Southern Punjab Railways, Gujarat Railways, and Haryana Railways. The teams representing Northern India, Services, and Bihar are the only ones who have not been able to add their names to the list of Ranji Trophy victors.

Ranji Trophy 2023 Point Systems

It is believed that the first iteration of what is now known as the Ranji Trophy took place in India in the 1930s. Back then, it was called the Cricket Championship in India. The champions of the inaugural season were awarded the trophy by the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh, who also presided over Patiala. The following is the point system that will be used during the Ranji Trophy 2023:

  • Win – 6 Points
  • Bonus point (for innings or 10 wickets wins) – 1 Point
  • 1st innings lead in a drawn match – 3 Points
  • 1st innings deficit in a drawn match – 1 Point
  • No result – 1 Point
  • Lost – 0 Point

Ranji Trophy 2023 History

One of the most famous matches ever played was the semi-final of the Ranji Trophy in 1945-1946 because it was the first and only match to end in a tie. Baroda and Southern Punjab were the two teams who competed in the match.

The semi-final was decided by tossing a coin, and the winner was determined to be Baroda. It is interesting to note that Baroda won the previous zonal final match of the west zone versus Bombay (or Mumbai as it was known back then) also through a flip of a coin in order to go to the semi-final.

In the final match of the Ranji Trophy in 2018, a bowler named Rajneesh Gurbani of Vidarbha, who was only 24 years old at the time, became only the second bowler in Ranji Trophy history to take a hat-trick. Following the conclusion of the Ranji final, the cricketer’s name was entered into record books alongside the numbers 6/59. check here for the latest sports update jksidco

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