Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana Registration Link, Benefits

The government is constantly working to advance women. The Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana was introduced by the government with women in mind. By utilising a brand-new programme called Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana, women can become financially independent and strong.

Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana

The Rajasthani government has also made significant progress for the ladies of the state. Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana Rajasthan was launched by the state government for special women in Rajasthan. The programme will enable Rajasthani women to work from home for both commercial businesses and government agencies. Give us more information about this plan.

What Is Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana?

The Rajasthani government launched the Chief Minister WORK FROM HOME SCHEME 2023. The ability to work from home will be provided to women who work in government agencies and private businesses thanks to this programme. In addition to remote work options, women will be provided new job alternatives.

Scheme Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana
State Rajasthan
Jobs 20,000 Women
Year 2023
Official Website

Under the Chief Minister’s Work from the Home programme, economically disadvantaged women, widows, violent crime victims, and women with disabilities would be given preference. The Rajasthani government will offer opportunities for women in the fields of grading, tailoring, typing, accounting, data analysis, software design, etc. A unique portal has been created for the programme by the Directorate of Women Empowerment and CSR Organization.

Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana

Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana Purpose

Since the Corona era, more people are seeking remote employment opportunities. Even when the pandemic is over, many people still prioritise working from home. For women in this situation, working from home is even more comfortable. Women are capable of performing daily housework in addition to office jobs.

Because of domestic duties, women frequently find themselves unable to perform the work. The Rajasthan government launched the Chief Minister’s Work from the Home programme in order to give women who want to work the opportunity to do so from home and to help them become financially stable and independent.

Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana Benefits

  • The Rajasthan Work from Home Scheme would make it possible for women employed by government agencies and private businesses to work from home.
  • Priority will be given to widows, victims of violence, and women with disabilities who are economically vulnerable.
  • The government will give women access to services including typing, data analysis, bookkeeping, software creation, tailoring, grading, and counselling, among other things.
  • The Chief Minister’s Work from Home programme would have a budget of Rs 100 crore from the Rajasthani government.
  • The aim of the state government is to hire 20,000 women in the next six months.
  • Women who qualify can easily sign up and benefit from the Chief Minister’s Work from Home programme.
  • Additionally, Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited would teach women.

Mukhyamantri Work From Home Yojana Registration Process

The Rajasthan Chief Minister can now register for Mukhyamantri Work From Home. Women can register using the Jan Aadhar Card by going to the program’s official website. Only upon the conclusion of the registration process will women be offered jobs based on their qualifications and experience. Additionally, their pay will be determined by the position they have.

20000 Rajasthani Women Jobs In Rajasthan

The Rajasthan Work From Home Yojana 2023 will provide jobs to about 20000 Rajasthani women in just six months. Currently, women will be given the tasks of typing, data analysis, accounting-related work, software creation, sewing, grading, counselling, etc. through this programme.

More than 150 women and 9 businesses have signed up for this programme thus far. This programme will spend 100 crores. it will enable women to work in both the private and public sectors. These positions will be awarded based on the applicants’ qualifications and experience. Only Rajasthani women who are permanent residents are eligible to apply for this programme. Click to Check More Yojana.

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