IRS Check My Refund: Track your tax return using Social Security Number!

IRS govt has an amazing facility known as IRS Check My Refund that is used to check the status of a refund. This tool is available on, and taxpayers can get the details of their approved, refunded, and approved taxes.

IRS Check My Refund

IRS Check My Refund is a facility provided by IRS govt that helps taxpayers check the status of their refund. They can check the refund status using their social security number, filing status, and the exact amount. Where’s my refund tool is ideal for checking the status of a refund and shows data for

  • Refund Received
  • Refund Approved
  • Refund Sent

Where’s My Refund?

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Title IRS Check My Refund
Category Tax Refund
Organization Internal Revenue Service
Country United States Of America
Official Website

How to use IRS Check My Refund Service?

IRS Check refund service is available for taxpayers who have filed their taxes of the previous month. They can use this service on the mobile application or website.

  • Wait for 24 hours after filling in your e-tax files.
  • Open the application after 24 hours of filling out e-taxes.
  • Enter your social security number and other important details mentioned on the screen.
  • Click submit button to check the status of the Refund.

Time Taken in Refund

The IRS processes most refunds in less than 21 days. The time it takes to evaluate some tax returns may cause a refund to be delayed. Processing a return requires more time if the taxpayer:

  • In the case of paper-filed tax returns.
  • The taxpayer is expected to receive a refund on a revised tax return. Discover how long it takes to process updated returns. What happened to my amended return?
  • They filed a claim for their hurt spouse.
  • I submitted a reimbursement claim with an ITIN application attached. For further information, see Topic No. 857, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • I requested a refund of tax withheld on Form 1042-S by submitting a Form 1040-NR.

IRS Check My Refund Check My Refund Conditions

IRS takes 24 hours to check the status of a refund. Once you file your tax return, wait for 24 hours to check the status of your tax returns. Usually, it takes 21 days to process any refund. It can take longer than usual in the case of paper-filling tax returns. Taxpayers can use this feature of the IRS to check the status of missing transactions and lost refunds. They can check the exact status of whether it is approved, rejected or on hold. This way, taxpayers can get a clear insight into their refund status.

You can check the status once daily as data only gets refreshed once. So, it is not possible that you can get different figures on the same day. Taxpayers have to wait at least 24 hours to check the refund status. 

Where to Find IRS Check My Refund Facility?

This facility is available on the IRS app and official website; taxpayers can check the refund status from there. Taxpayers must have the essential information to check the details like social security number and the exact amount in the whole number they expect to be refunded. Although this information is crucial, we do not recommend using any third-party website to check the status. Ensure you are using an authentic and official website and apps to check the status of your refund. 

Tax Return Status Checking Instructions

According to Boston-based certified financial planner Eric Scruggs, founder of Hark Financial Planning, the first step is comprehending why you received an unexpected tax bill last year. He is an enrolled agent as well.

 He gave the example of the difference between increased income from a one-time occurrence, such as a large bonus, and regular income from a lucrative side business.

 In the latter case, according to Scruggs, there is still an opportunity to reduce your tax burden for the next year by making quarterly anticipated tax payments or changing the withholdings from your paychecks at work.

Although you might not be considering your taxes for the upcoming year yet, Brett Koeppel, a CFP and the creator of Eudaimonia Wealth in Buffalo, New York, noted that this is a good time to assess your portfolio. You may choose wisely where to put your assets if you have three different accounts: brokerage, tax-deferred, and tax-free.

Verify your deductions

You could review your paycheck withholdings for 2023 and make the appropriate modifications if you paid more taxes than anticipated for 2022. You may either cut back on the number of allowances you give out or put more money aside from each paycheck, according to Kevin Brady, the vice chairman of Wealthspire Advisors and a CFP located in New York. Typically, you receive a refund if you overpaid over the year, and if you are underpaid, you receive a tax bill.

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