BGMI Unban Date, APK Download, Trial, Relaunch Version

BGMI developer and Publisher Kraftlon has confirmed that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will relaunch in India and users are excited to know about BGMI Unban Date. BGMI is released on 29th May 2023, visit

BGMI Unban Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the modified version of PUBG Mobile created specifically for the Indian market, will soon be back there. The project’s South Korean developer, Krafton, said in a news release that the company is grateful to the Indian government for enabling it to restart operations. BGMI was removed from the Google Play and Apple App Store last year due to security concerns. The BGMI Unban Date is expected to be June 2023, when all the interested users can download it.

BGMI Mobile 2.6

BGMI APK Download

Title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
Publisher Kraftlon
Game Developer Kraftlon
Composer Tom Salta
Game Mode Multiplayer
Expected Relaunch Date 29th May 2023 (Released)
Official Website

How to Install BGMI After Unban?

  • Open the PlayStore in a mobile phone.
  • Search for BGMI in the search bar.
  • Tap on its play store page and tap on the install button.
  • Follow the instructions and install the app in your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the open button once the download has been completed.

BGMI Unban Date


BGMI Relaunch Date

BGMI is a lovable version of PUBG, and no one can deny the game’s popularity. Indian Govt has banned it for 10 months, and not it will be released again around 25 May 2023. BGMI developer Krafton must fulfill decided requirements that are set forth by the federal government before BGMI can resume operations full-time. 

BGMI Unban Trial

The corporation has been requested to make the game available with a time constraint each day for 90 days (three months). The govt is putting effort that it will not make people addicted, especially kids. Last year when the popularity of the game was at its peak, the mental health of players especially kids was a former concern that made govt to ban it. There was also a case where a teenager murdered her mother when she denied to pay BGMI game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Unban: Changes in Game

In this game version, users will experience several changes as gov try to present it less violently. According to reports, Krafton was tasked with changing the scenes to remove any blood. In the previous app BGMI’s features were violent with red blood, but after update it is green to make it seem less violent. If users would only have access to BGMI for a certain period each day, Krafton has not made that clear. BGMI Relaunch Date 2023

After reaching over 100 million players in India, BGMI was threatened with removal after India banned Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), another well-known Krafton game, in 2020. New Delhi started the crackdown on PUBG as part of a wider ban on over 100 mobile apps from China. This action was taken in response to a protracted border confrontation between China and the Galwan Valley. Now gov has decided to relaunch it by the end of May 2023 with modified features like using green colour instead of red etc. 

BGMI has back, although Chandrashekhar tweeted that the Indian government has only approved it for a three-month trial. After Krafton cooperated with several requests made by the Indian government, BGMI was given this interim clearance. BGMI will return to India with a few changes, making it more friendly and entertaining. However, gov will monitor and track everything to avoid inappropriate activity.

BGMI Relaunch 2023

After a long halt, the developers have confirmed the BGMI unban, but Krafton officials haven’t specified a particular date for the game’s relaunch. It is estimated that the application will be available on the Playstore and App Store by 25 May 2023, and after that, users can get their fav game back. BGMI will be available for Android and iPhone users, who can download it from the authentic Play Store. According to sources, BGMI will be accessible for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store starting at 5:30 pm on May 25. 

BGMI Relaunch 2023 Limitations

BGMI will return with a specific set of guidelines, meaning you will not get everything from the past. Government representatives will constantly watch the app during this time to see whether it disobeys Indian laws. The game will reportedly be less brutal and include blood in a different shade. We could also observe some aesthetic alterations, which is also anticipated. Additionally, it is anticipated that the testing phase will last three months and that time constraints may prevent the game from being accessible around the clock. The main motive behind the limitations is to make it less violent and more friendly. 

Despite its brief availability in India, BGMI was also quite well-liked there. Within a year of the game’s release, 100 million players had downloaded it. BGMI, according to Krafton, attracted 200 million people overall and 24 million concurrent viewers, making it the first Esports event to be shown on mainstream television.

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